Asparagus Breeding Program

All-male hybrids
Disease resistance
Spear quality
Tissue culture
Health elements
Purple asparagus
Advanced hybrids



The primary goal of the program is to develop asparagus hybrids possessing the following attributes:

  • All-male
  • High yielding
  • Enhanced resistance to asparagus rust, crown and root rot, stem blight, and purple spot
  • Good spear quality

Some of the best known hybrids that have been released by the program include Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme, NJ953, and NJ977.

We are release 2 elite purple asparagus hybrids, NJ1191 and NJ1192, that outperform the current hybrids on the market in 2011.



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All-male Δ
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Purple asparagus Δ
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Members of the program


Chee-kok Chin
Stephen Garrison
John Kinelski
Anne Chackalamannil
June Sudal
Juhong Sun

Ying Chen

For more information contact: chee-kok chin

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