Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences [Biotechnology Undergraduate Program]
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Would you like to scout for undiscovered microorganisms and plants to remediate polluted sites or provide new medicines to treat human diseases? Are you interested in developing strategies to control insect pests in the world’s breadbasket or producing renewable alternatives to petroleum? Would you like to be part of a discovery team to find novel ways to diagnose and treat cancer or diabetes? Consider the field of biotechnology.

Biotechnology has emerged as a major contributor to the advancement of agriculture, medicine, and environmental sciences. The biotechnology industry is becoming one of the most promising sectors in the nation’s economy. The industry’s primary goal is to invent new biologically active substances for the treatment of disease, to produce more nutritious and more plentiful sources of foods, and to innovate ways to clean up the environment and explore alternative fuel sources. Recent developments in biotechnology, particularly molecular biology, are yielding major improvements in agricultural productivity, breakthroughs in human health care, and new solutions to environmental problems.

Rutgers’ undergraduate biotechnology curriculum is innovative, exciting, and challenging. Many of our faculty members have received awards for excellence in teaching, academic advising, and research. All students engage in research prior to graduation, most often at Rutgers or through collaborative programs with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey but also through placements in neighboring pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Opportunities for biotech internships are also available through the Student to Professional Internship Network (SPIN) program at the School of Environment al and Biological Sciences.

Biotechnology is offered as a major ONLY in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences on Rutgers’ New Brunswick Campus.

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