Antennapedia mutant of Drosophila develops legs in place of antennae. Image from  The Interactive Fly

Course Instructor:                 Thomas Leustek
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Molecular Genetics is a challenging lecture course that covers a range of basic topics including the concept of the gene, transcription, translation, regulation of gene expression and replication. The course takes a genomics-centered approach and covers many of the latest methodologies used in genomics analysis. The course also covers both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. It takes a historical and methodological approach with the aim of providing insight into how understanding was obtained through experimentation and discovery. The course delves extensively into the intricacies of bacterial virus (bacteriophage) molecular genetics and into eukaryotic chromosome structure.  Molecular Genetics 126:481 is part of the undergraduate Curriculum in Biotechnology and is open to all students at Rutgers University. Prerequisites are Organic Chemistry and Genetics.

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