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Dr. Eric Lam

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Rutgers University
Department of Plant Biology & Pathology
Foran Hall/ Cook Campus
59 Dudley Rd.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Campus Location

Office: Room 216A Foran Hall, 848-932-6351
Lab: Room 216 Foran Hall, 848-932-6273
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Research Interests

1) Programmed Cell Death in Higher Plants and Stress Tolerance

  1. Characterization of the mode of action for a highly conserved cell death suppressor: Bax Inhibitor-1 (BI-1) in ER-stress sensing.
  2. Characterization of proteases involved in regulating programmed cell death activation in plants: focus on metacaspases.

2) Chromatin Organization and Epigenetics

  1. Global mapping of chromatin modifications using ChIP-seq via NextGen Sequencing and integration of genome-wide maps using novel informatics approach (ANCORP) that was recently published from our lab.
  2. Large scale analyses of chromatin physical and biochemical landscape.

3) Biomass and Biofuel Production

  1. Creating more optimized “energy crops” by engineering enzymes of interest into genomes of target feedstocks.
  2. Duckweed as a Versatile System to Link Bioremediation and Biofuel Production.

4) Transgenic plants as vehicle for RNA therapeutics delivery

  1. Using edible plants and their-derived foods for delivery of siRNAs targeting animal viruses into animals via ingestion.

Please see the Lam Laboratory website for more details on these projects.


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Dr. Eric Lam joined the department in 1989 and was promoted to Professor II in 2010.